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01. Spectacular
02. We Are Carthago
03. Digital Dissidents
04. #Collapse
05. Information War
06. Reconciliation
07. John Oliver
08. Wave In Rage
09. Black (pt.1)
10. DIY Cinderella (Black pt.2)
11. Solaris
12. Resist
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    Digital Dissidents - 8.00


Available electronically (mp3). 

album: 4,50 Eur   per song: 90 cents

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1. Noke
2. Ellen Ripley
3. Space Mapping
4. Nixon In China
5. Home
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    I Am Carthago (Pt.1) - 4.50

I AM CARTHAGO (Pt.1) single songs

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    1. Noke - 0.90
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    2. Ellen Ripley - 0.90
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    3. Space Mapping - 0.90
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    4. Nixon in China - 0.90
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    5. Home - 0.90



1. Enter
2. Internet Is A Weapon
3. Geek Power
4. Graduation Day
5. H-Bomb
6. Warsaw
7. Sheldon Cooper (One)
8. Exploitation
9. Free World
10. Kathleen
11. Subways
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1. Intro > End Of An Iceage
2. Tel Aviv
3. Hologram
4. No Memory
5. Abby Abby!
6. Bad Manner Rhyme
7. Earth Moves
8. Tennis Rackets
9. Sunrise In The Eyes Of Our Maker
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    CD THE Name Of This Girl Is - 7.00

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  •  x € 8.000CD Digital Dissidents - Digital Dissidents
  •  x € 7.000CD The Name Of This Girl Is - CD THE Name Of This Girl Is
  •  x € 4.500I Am Carthago Pt. 1 - I Am Carthago (Pt.1)
  •  x € 0.900I Am Carthago Pt.1) single songs - 1. Noke
  •  x € 0.900I Am Carthago Pt.1) single songs - 2. Ellen Ripley
  •  x € 0.900I Am Carthago Pt.1) single songs - 3. Space Mapping
  •  x € 0.900I Am Carthago Pt.1) single songs - 4. Nixon in China
  •  x € 0.900I Am Carthago Pt.1) single songs - 5. Home
  •  x € 7.000Strangelivv - CD STRANGELIVV
  •  x € 0.000Thank U for LIVE AT GOLD - Thank U for LIVE AT GOLD

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