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written, arranged and produced by Olivia Anna Livki


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written, arranged and produced by Olivia Anna Livki.


The Name Of This Girl Is is Olivia Anna Livki s first official release. She gave birth to the megalomaniac baby in 1 year of insane passion and spent 6 years developing the songs and arrangements. The album is 100 percent handmade - a cheaky manifesto against the sinking Titanic of major music industry.


This concept-album is an introduction to Livki s terrifying, black-humoured universe. A sound-movie inspired by the very topical Akira (the cover is a quote of one of Otomo`s famous images of Neo-Tokyo) and a portrait of a generation living the small and big disasters of surreal 2011. Of pressure, ambitions and traveling to the end of the world, of families claiming that Satan is 33 and lives in Tel Aviv, tv licence fee-executors, violent girl gangs and global catastrophy. A falling skyscraper constructed out of battle-drums, voice-armies, Spectorish orchestras and percussions. Olivia performed all the vocals, basses and some of the African drums, did all the programming and editing, and eventually got Patrick Dillett to mix it. The artwork s drawings were created by graphic novelist Iain Sommerville.



All songs written, arranged

and produced by Olivia Anna Livki.


Vocals and basses, string- and percussion-arrangements, programming and keys - Olivia Anna Livki. Drums - Robin Thomson. Doun douns, djembe and bells - Robin Thomson. Except in 3,5: kenkeni and djembe - Robin Thomson and Olivia Anna Livki. Violins and solo-violins - Anne Marie Kirby. Trumpet - Martin Gerwig.

Vocals and basses recorded at L I V V Studio. Except backing vocals on 3,5 recorded at Dubway Studios, NYC. Drums, percussion and solo-strings recorded at Studio East, Berlin. All percussion-instruments provided by Tony Beilby in Wedding, Berlin. Mixed by Patrick Dillett at Patrick Dillett-Studio, NYC. Except 4,6,7 - mixed by Patrick Dillett and Ron Allaire at Patrick Dillett-Studio, NYC. Mastered by U.E. Nastasi at Sterling Studios, NYC.


Drawings: Iain Sommerville.
Photos: George Steffens.

Artwork and graphic design: Olivia Anna Livki.
Layout: Maciej Stojek and Olivia Anna Livki.

Published and manufactured by L I V V Music, Germany.




2011 L I V V Music.
All rights reserved.

Olivia Anna Livki is a bassplayer, singer, songwriter, producer and filmmaker. The dark blonde rises in flashy bollywood-colors, African feathers and Kill Bill-suit. A stage-animal working her bass like Bruce Lee. And the inventor of "Global Voice´n`Bass": Biting bass guitarrr, amazon choirs, wild Kuduro-Dancehall-beats and epic pop-anthems with ironic and political lyrics. Her secret soulmates seem to be M.I.A., PJ Harvey or Florence Welsh. But the Livian sound-universe has its very own rules.


Olivia is a migration-child: raised in Black Forest by a German dad and Polish mum in an English-speaking household. LiVKI began exploring her voice upon electric bass when she was 17. Her childhood-loves were Dr Dre, J.L.Hooker, Muddy Waters and Aretha Franklin. Her teenage years were all about pop-visionnaries and New York Postpunk-giants like Velvet Underground, Patti Smith and Sonic Youth. If there is a prototype to LiVKI, it s David Byrne.


In 2009, LiVKI made two artsy youtube-videos. Two years later, thanks to an appearence on a Polish tv music-show, her video Hologram and myspace-demos caused a web-hype, earning more than 300.000 clicks and thousands of shares. LiVKI finished her self-produced debut-album THE NAME OF THIS GIRL IS, got Patrick Dillett (Santigold, David Byrne) to mix it and released it on her label L I V V in 2011. 


In July 2012, Olivia signed a licence-deal with EMI Poland. In Sept, EMI brought TNOTGI: EXTENDED to physical stores in Poland. The self-directed video to the her single Abby Abby! (Choir Girl Remix) became a webhit, voted 2nd Best Video of The Year by users of Two cult-videos followed: Earth Moves and Blood Ponies.

In 2014, LiVKI released her first US-single Dark Blonde Rises, collaborating with producer Sterling Fox (Lana Del Rey) and his label Silver Scream, and gaining much attention from international bloggers. It also promoted the crowdfunding-campaign for Olivia s second album. Thanks to hundreds of fans, self-produced STRANGELIVV dropped in May 2015. On her single Geek Power!, LiVKI collaborated with LCD Soundsystem s Matt Thornley (DFA).


Some past events:

- OPENER FOR LENNY KRAVITZ (Torwar, Warsaw, Poland 2011)

- OFF FESTIVAL 2011 (headlined by Primal Scream)

- COKE LIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011 (headlined by The Kooks, Kanye West)

- QUEER EYE FESTIVAL (Prague, Chech Republic 2011)

- WEDDING PRESENT (Berlin, Germany 2012)


- REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL (Hamburg, Germany 2014)





The Name Of This Girl Is (L I V V 2011)

The Name Of This Girl Is - EXTENDED (EMI 2012)

STRANGELIVV (L I V V / Warner Music 2015)

I Am Carthago - Part 1 (L I V V 2016)




Tel Aviv (single, L I V V July 2011)
Tennis Rackets / Song For The TV (double-single, L I V V October 2011)

Abby Abby! (Choir Girl Remix) (EMI, Sept 2012)

Earth Moves (single, EMI/Warner 2013)

Blood Ponies (single, Warner 2013)

Dark Blonde Rises (single, Silver Scream Records 2014)

Geek Power (single, Warner Music 2015)

Subways (single, Warner Music 2015)

Noke (single, L I V V 2016)