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Digital Dissidents
Digital Dissidents


written, arranged and produced by Olivia Anna Livki


Digital Dissidents is about freedom, power and the revolutionary way the internet has impacted our relation to these concepts.
Livki´s last album finishes a trilogy on the modern world and the final piece the the completion of the artist´s legacy. The message it leaves behind is: With great power comes great responsibility.
The album is Livki´s first release in the UK/US. It´s first single was featured by Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1. The music video premiered in Clash Magazine.

Digital Dissidents tells the stories of female influencers with extreme bodies (Spectacular), of professional trolls who fuel political crises (#Collapse, Information War), of Silicon Valley- and IT-giants who own the future and change our consciousness (Digital Dissidents), of existential fears in the age of climate change, terrorism and neo-authoritarian fury (Wave in Rage, Solaris, Black), but mostly of the determination to "take the lead" in the face of those fears (We Are Carthago, Resist).

Some of the songs are pure satire, some are based on deeply personal experiences of struggle, abuse and hope, seen in the bigger picture (Reconciliation, Solaris). In DIY Cinderella, Livki cheekily refers to her own journey as a female artist, ironically reflecting on gender-roles and power. While Black (pt.1) is a straight-out anti-patriarchal, feminist anthem inspired by the Suffragette Movement. The album is a last, cheeky, furious manifesto and roar of a lioness who - literally and figuratively - owned herself, never letting the music industry own her.


Digital Dissidents is also an interdisciplinary experiment, in which Livki´s two brain halves (the musician and the media scholar) come together - connecting pop art and cultural science. The album´s contemplation on the digital age, capitalism, internet-culture and globalization is also reflected in many postmodernist references to media, as well as scientific and philosophical works on the subject - paying homage to web-philosopher Jaron Lanier in #Collapse, to Guy Debord in Spectacular, to Ghost in The Shell (in the title-track), to political satire (John Oliver) or to scifi-author Stanislaw Lem (in Solaris, Livki´s meditation on her grandmother and Polish roots) and indirectly to Jia Tolentino´s Trick Mirror and Michal Hvorecky´s Troll.


Livki´s theme of DIY-self-reliance is what quietly interlaces the songs: Inspired by a world power that self-destructed by wanting too much, We Are Carthago implies: "We" (not "them") are Carthago. We can choose to self-destruct over our own super-power or "take the lead".



Vocals, basses, programming, arrangement, pre-mixing,

guitars on Black (pt.1): Olivia Anna Livki


Violins: Alexey Kochetkov
Backing Vox on Solaris, guitar on Spectacular: Conny Santura

Lira korbowa on Solaris: Jedrzej Sienkiewicz (Fleurdelis)

Drum-Solo on Digital Dissidents: Robert Rasz
Mix: Fabian G.Knof and Olivia Anna Livki
Mastering: Shola Risch

Artwork: Olivia Anna Livki
Photos: Rafael Poschmann, Conny Santura 


Digital Dissidents contains a compositional quote from Making Of Cyborg from OST Ghost In The Shell by Kenji Kawai. Courtesy of Kenji Kawai and Universal Music


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written, arranged and produced by Olivia Anna Livki


This political concept album dives deep into the question how a young generation of women and people altogether can find their way in life, when entering the world of disconnected lives, disconnected lines, big hopes, big worries, big business, education and exploitation. While "Internet Is A Weapon" points to the political activist power and the dangerous weaponization of the web, and "Geek Power" gives visibility to icons of education, "Exploitation" and "Free World" serve as a bitter reminder of the fact that the world is run by exploitation economy, that we all seem to somehow accept this and that the access to power and "graduation days" still depends on where you were born. So how do you navigate through this? How do you find yourself in a world so terrifyingly big, filled with huge promises and deceptions and so challenging? How do we find the strength to keep going and not give up on our believes and hopes? Eventually, "Graduation Day" and "Subways" can only ask this question for a whole generation, but find no response.



Programming, arrangements, basses and vox: Olivia Anna Livki

Drums: Robert Rasz

Mix: Fabian G. Knof and Olivia Anna Livki

Mastering: Shola Risch

Artwork: Olivia Anna Livki

Photos: Conny Santura


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written, arranged and produced by Olivia Anna Livki.


The Name Of This Girl Is is Olivia Anna Livki s first official release. She gave birth to the megalomaniac baby in 1 year of insane passion and spent 6 years developing the songs and arrangements. The album is 100 percent handmade - a cheaky manifesto against the sinking Titanic of major music industry.


This concept-album is an introduction to Livki s terrifying, black-humoured universe. A sound-movie inspired by the very topical Akira (the cover is a quote of one of Otomo`s famous images of Neo-Tokyo) and a portrait of a generation living the small and big disasters of surreal 2011. Of pressure, ambitions and traveling to the end of the world, of families claiming that Satan is 33 and lives in Tel Aviv, tv licence fee-executors, violent girl gangs and global catastrophy. A falling skyscraper constructed out of battle-drums, voice-armies, Spectorish orchestras and percussions. Olivia performed all the vocals, basses and some of the African drums, did all the programming and editing, and eventually got Patrick Dillett to mix it. The artwork s drawings were created by graphic novelist Iain Sommerville.



All songs written, arranged

and produced by Olivia Anna Livki.


Vocals and basses, string- and percussion-arrangements, programming and keys - Olivia Anna Livki. Drums - Robin Thomson. Doun douns, djembe and bells - Robin Thomson. Except in 3,5: kenkeni and djembe - Robin Thomson and Olivia Anna Livki. Violins and solo-violins - Anne Marie Kirby. Trumpet - Martin Gerwig.

Vocals and basses recorded at L I V V Studio. Except backing vocals on 3,5 recorded at Dubway Studios, NYC. Drums, percussion and solo-strings recorded at Studio East, Berlin. All percussion-instruments provided by Tony Beilby in Wedding, Berlin. Mixed by Patrick Dillett at Patrick Dillett-Studio, NYC. Except 4,6,7 - mixed by Patrick Dillett and Ron Allaire at Patrick Dillett-Studio, NYC. Mastered by U.E. Nastasi at Sterling Studios, NYC.


Drawings: Iain Sommerville.
Photos: George Steffens.

Artwork and graphic design: Olivia Anna Livki.
Layout: Maciej Stojek and Olivia Anna Livki.

Published and manufactured by L I V V Music, Germany.




2011 L I V V Music.
All rights reserved.




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Tel Aviv (single, L I V V July 2011)
Tennis Rackets / Song For The TV (double-single, L I V V October 2011)

Abby Abby! (Choir Girl Remix) (EMI, Sept 2012)

Earth Moves (single, EMI/Warner 2013)

Blood Ponies (single, Warner 2013)

Dark Blonde Rises (single, Silver Scream Records 2014)

Geek Power (single, Warner Music 2015)

Subways (single, Warner Music 2015)

Noke (single, L I V V 2016)